The 3 Biggest Hiring Challenges in 2022 and Solutions

The HR process is the biggest challenge for the companies as well as for the hiring managers. Appointing the right people who can add value to your organization is indeed a crucial process and has become even more complicated post-covid-19. The quality of recruitment in the past two years has shifted towards a disaster. A number of reasons can be seen behind the bad quality of recruitment including organized and talented talent acquisition teams.

Here, we are going to discuss the biggest hiring challenges that are continuously faced by organisations in 2022.

1. Finding the Right Talents:

Finding the right talent is seems to be the #1 challenge these days. Many HRs and companies are experiencing problems in finding the right candidates for the positions they want to hire. It seems that there is a major gap between the qualification and desired skills for a particular job role among the applicants.

Finding the Right Talents

To find the appropriate talents for your organizations, RPOs offer structured and organized processes. Recruitment process outsourcing companies are experts in fetching talent acquisitions. So instead of struggling with the in house HR teams and hiring perfect fit employees, outsource the hiring process to a reliable RPO like MaSotech Recruitment that has expertise in the hiring process.

2. Retaining Quality Performers:

Employees seem to quit their jobs due to a number of reasons including growth, salary hikes, recognition, etc. Losing high performers is the biggest damage and can affect the form of profit loss of the company. For HR teams retaining a quality high performing, employees have become difficult in 2022 as employees are confident enough to move jobs.

Retaining Quality Performers

In order to retain your high performers, companies should offer different types of recognition rewards and perks, and conduct events, webinars, and other benefits. They must internally update their job portals and offer them promotions. Companies can even conduct skill training programs often to upgrade their employees’ knowledge and industry skills.

3. Employer’s Branding:

According to a report, 75% of job applicants prefer the employer’s brand before applying to any job and consider companies that have a good reputation.

Employer's Branding

In order to establish an employer’s brand or reputation among people, companies must execute a perfect marketing strategy. Companies need to tell people their stories, and insights, and showcase the work process, and the great work culture of the company. Create a company portfolio, career blogs, news blogs, job portals, and other branding elements such as website and social media channels. Employers can upload videos, images, customer feedback, and other content to promote them and increase their credibility.

Ready to Solve the Hiring Challenges?

These are the only major challenges that companies are struggling with at present but as we get closer to the organizations many other hiring issues are waiting to be tackled by the HR team members.

In the last few years, the emerging concept of Recruitment Process Outsourcing or simply RPO has revolutionalized the thorough HR process.

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