Everything You Should Know About Work from Home

Post the COVID-19 almost 4.3 million people work from home and the number is increasing every day. Other companies are adopting this after seeing the never-ending effects of the virus and the advantages of working from home. When we hear stories of others working from home it seems very easy to work from home. But it can be very tough at the same time if you don’t implement the best practices.

MaSotech Recruitment (RPO) is the best example of implementing the practices of working from home and so decided to share its experiences. In order to improve productivity, transparent communication among management and employees, and provide the right motivation, rewards, and organizations; companies can follow these practices:

1. Always be on time as a reporting manager or leader:

If you want your employees to be on time and discipline, first you must be on time. Set a timer for yourself and then you can ask your employees to join timely. It will help you to create a professional image in front of people who are working under and with you.

2. Build a separate workspace and ask the same to your employees:

In order to create an office-like environment, building a separate workspace is a prerequisite. This will also help you to keep your professional and personal life separate, improve productivity and motivate you to work.

3. Give yourself a break:

Sometimes, we forget to take breaks and it makes us exhausted. that exhaustion leads to health issues. Try to balance your working hours and align your everyday jobs. Focus on the quality of jobs instead of the quantity that will give the desired outcome. Shut down your computer when signing off, take a rest and don’t forget to close chats, emails and any other documents while leaving your workstation.

4. Start using quality remote work tools:

Work from home is becoming a new normal as companies find it more effective and productive. Here are a few important tools that can make it easier for employers as well as employees:

i. Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is one of the best business communication applications you can use for multiple purposes. It allows you to track the shift timings, task manager, clear communication, and window/device sharing of your employees. Apart from the communication teams offer you free office tools including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, outlook, share point to share files with accessibilities.

ii. Hubspot:

Hubspot offers a free CRM that enables great customer support, sales, and, marketing simplicity. Hubspot has many other useful features such as email marketing, website templates, business plans, content marketing ideas and more.

iii. Google Drive:

If you are looking for the best cloud storage and remote work-sharing tool, Google Drive is the name that stands out. You will have similar features like MS Office suite over Google Drive. Employers can easily sync the data across these features with their employees.


There are many other applications that can be used for remote work management including Dropbox, Zoom, Evernote, Trello, etc.

These applications are easy to use, affordable – free at some point, and more effective when it comes to increasing the productivity of employees. These apps also help to develop a habit of being on time and disciplined during remote work.