As a recruiter, what red flags will cost someone the offer?

Hiring has become a crucial function in 2022, so the job interview is. Interviewing the candidates will reveal all about your employees in and out. Bad hiring can lead your business to a loss and sometimes you can’t afford it.

Sometimes, you may not find exactly what you see in the resume of the candidates when they are on board. According to the US Department of Labour, the average cost of hiring a bad candidate is 30% of the employee’s first-year salary.

The cost of recruiting red flag candidates is not just limited to some percentage or numbers; it can result in decreasing productivity and increasing the recruitment cost.

Let’s discuss more as a recruiter, what red flags will cost someone the offer:

  1. You might see the 30% of the employee’s first-year salaries as a small number for a company but if you put yourself in small business owners’ shoes, you will realise how bigger the cost is.
  2. When you hire the wrong person, it will directly decrease the productivity of your business.
  3. Low productivity can lead you to lose your clients due to not meeting the deadlines.
  4. Red flags can ruin your reputation amongst the clients and the market as well as your unsatisfied clients will share their feedback with the others.
  5. Red flags sometimes demotivate your team members by reducing the number of employees. When team members see a few bad and unproductive employees, they lose focus.
  6. Red flags waste a lot of your valuable time. If you can’t fire the bad hire right away, you can only try to get them productive and add value to the company.
  7. The recruitment cost you spent on the red flags obviously will not get back at the same time, efforts and time you cannot retain.
  8. Bad hire burdens the workload on your existing employees. In most cases, companies lose their productive existing employees.
  9. Companies most often have to invest a lot of money in the training of red flag employees in order to retain them. The investment could either give the perfect Return on Investment or no returns. The risk is always there.
  10. You may face legal issues while firing the red flag employees immediately after finding them wrong.

Therefore as a recruiter, taking care of red flags become extremely important before you go through the hiring process especially if you are not in a state of affording red flags. Here MaSotech Recruitment (RPO) can help you out by recruiting the right talent at the time. MaSotech Recruitment (RPO) is a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing or Human Resource Outsourcing firm making the recruitment process easier for companies.

MaSotech Recruitment is a perfect platform for employers’ requirements for employees. The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) includes:

  1. Job analysis: the process of identifying new openings requirements consisting of job description or knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) required for the job.
  2. Sourcing: the process of attracting or identifying talents.
  3. Screening and selection: the process of choosing, interviewing and hiring the right talent.

MaSotech Recruitment (RPO) uses talent analytics, the latest human resources software, tools, technologies, and sourcing strategies in order to attract the best talents for organizations. The expert team will help you in:

  1. Talent engagement
  2. Candidate management
  3. Strategic sourcing
  4. Compliance and risk management
  5. Recruitment analytics support
  6. Employers’ branding
  7. Workforce planning
  8. Strategic screening
  9. Early careers

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