Latest HR Practices to Lead the Industry

Human Resource is the most important area of an organization. The human resource department is responsible for making up the complete workforce, manpower or people of the organizations. The Human Resources or HR department works on human resource management and employment including labour law, employment standards, interviewing, employee benefits management, and some parts of recruitment or talent acquisition and employee offboarding.

Unlike other industries, HR doesn’t change frequently but in the recent few years, Human Resources and employment methods have changed drastically and constantly updated the process. Let’s have a look at the latest HR practices which are leading the industry:

  1. Offering a hybrid work model:

A hybrid work model is a modern way of working that allows employees to choose between a full-time on-site job and a full-time work from home or remote job. This model provides employees with the flexibility of working and a feeling of independence. This will lead employees to stick to the job for a longer period.

  1. Onboarding through recruitment outsourcing process companies:

RPOs like MaSotech Recruitment offer quality onboarding services with a quality workforce and the right human resources at the right time. Hiring the right people at right time can bring the best and prove valuable assets for your company.

  1. Selective hiring through the recruitment process:

To refine the best talents out of the received applications or find the best fit companies are adopting selective hiring. Selective hiring improves the ROI, productivity and quality of jobs but the HR team rarely is found capable to go through the selective hiring process and here the recruitment process outsourcing companies come. RPOs are the experts in recruitment and selective hiring so they can help organizations find the best fit for the companies.

  1. Re-skilling and up-skilling existing employees:

Launching effective re-skilling and up-skilling programs for existing employees’ can drive your employees towards job satisfaction, stay updated with the latest technologies, become competitive and bring out the potential of individual employees which ultimately led organizations to be more productive and increase ROI on the individual employee.

  1. HR conducting effective training programs with purposeful:

Launching training programs for re-skilling and up-skilling is not enough and your job as an HR does not stop here. Being an HR, you have to make sure that training programs are relevant or focused on the latest developments in the field, upgrade them, and still keep their interest, and motivation and train people to make them excel in their tasks.

  1. Organizing Self-managed teams:

Rather than keeping your system micromanaged or appointing a manager for your workforce, make a self-managed team where all employees work together towards achieving a common goal or accomplishing a project successfully. Everyone has different skills and talents which are utilized according to the project requirements.

  1. Applying perfect and transparent performance management:

Perfect and transparent performance management will allow employers to focus on meeting the objectives of the organization and proper feedback procedures for employees from their manager or reporting person.

  1. Ask employees for feedback and ideas:

The feedback procedure should not only be one side instead it should be organized for the employees’ end too in order to improve the organization. You can also launch sessions on a monthly or quarterly basis where employees can share their honest feedback and ideas to make your business better.

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