Top RPO companies in India

Top RPO companies in India 1 Top RPO companies in India

Top RPO companies in India

If you are running an organization, the ultimate maxim of the success of your organization is recruiting the skilled manpower in lesser time and investing lesser money. Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is amongst the new age concepts in the field of employment. Though RPO is a sort of Business process outsourcing (BPO), RPO is completely different from the internal sourcing process. You hand over the staffing process of your company to a third party RPO services providing company or agency.

If you are looking for RPO services in India, we have something very interesting to share with you. Despite the fact that RPO is a freshly developed concept, it is spreading its root speedily. The popularity of RPO is holding its place in the market due to its number of advantages to businesses from smaller to medium and medium to larger.

Here we have the list of top RPO companies in India which are bringing the best talents to the organizations.

  • SutraHR: SutraHR is a leading RPO firm established in 2008  having 500+ clients, spread in 7 cities and 4 countries.
  • ABC Consultants: ABC Consultants has been founded in 1969 with a motive of consulting businesses by Dr Bish Agrawal. It was first built in Kolkata and now keeping offices in every major city of India.
  • Adecco India: Adecco India is a leading HR solution provider headquartered in Bangalore. The company is delivering its services more than 55 cities in India.
  • MaSotech Recruitment: MaSotech Recruitment is growing as a revolution in the recruitment industry. It is one of the reliable offshore RPO Companies in India. MaSotech recruitment is being your recruitment partner assisting to hire the best candidates from the market. MaSotech is capturing the US & Canadian market and creating new records through hiring exceptional talents. Uses of latest technologies, different strategies or approaches to hiring skilled people to make MaSotech unique.
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