How Coronavirus Impact on the Recruitment industry ?

How Coronavirus (COVID -19) Impact on the Recruitment industry ?

Many employers have no choice but to shut down their business and fired their employees. On the other side, there are huge requirements in industries like healthcare, logistics, IT, Retails etc.

These are some industries that are hiring during coronavirus crisis:

  1. Shipping and delivery companies
  2. Healthcare/Medical/Clinical
  3. Supermarket/Retail
  4. Online Tutorials companies
  5. Technology companies and service providers

The United nations estimates that about more than 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide due to Coronavirus crisis.

News coming from the Wallmart the world’s largest retailer needs 150000 workers to handle this situation . Amazon is also raising wages and opening more then 10K new positions to maintain the delivery system with this corona outbreak.

These are some industries that are firing during coronavirus crisis:

  1. Travel and tourism industry
  2. Hospitality 
  3. Fun and Entertainment 
  4. Business and Trade 
  5. Manufacturers (especially those who manufacture their parts in china)

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