Human Resources Comes of Ages

Since COVID-19 has changed drastically the working styles of almost every business and brought up a revolution in the people working in the corporate organizations. Taking from our daily routine to working in businesses, COVID-19 has made a huge difference or simply can call a “transformation” in our everyday lives.

The key transformation could be seen in our regular jobs styles which have been taken place by remote working. Terms like hybrid workspace, remote work, flexible work, and work from home have been introduced only after we have gone through the pandemic COVID-19. Technologies like video conferences, virtual training, time tracker, and many other tools are the gifts of COVID-19.

These also made organizations realise that they can trust their employees for their job commitments and employees also got to know about various growth opportunities.

According to a survey, 55% of employees in the US prefer a mix of office and home jobs. The latest news published by The Free Press Journal says that Ian Goodfellow the AI chief of Apple has decided to quit the job because of work from office rule while he was earning Rs 6 crore per annum.

MaSotech Recruitment – a leading RPO firm in India is the best alternative to find quality hires in industries including healthcare & clinical, logistics & warehouse, IT & telecom, office professionals, finance& accounting, engineering, and more.

The objective of MaSotech Recruitment (RPO) is to make quality and qualified human resources accessible to organizations seeking growth and success.

Recruitment post-COVID-19 is getting tough every day. We work for employers and get them the top talents as we are proficient in relevant technologies and well-versed in managing communication between hiring managers and candidates.

MaSotech is an industry expert and talent acquisition is their main expertise. They know how to adjust to the recruitment environment and stay updated with the latest recruitment technologies, tools & techniques to fulfil hiring demands.

What is a Remote work?

Remote work is other words distance working, telework, teleworking, working from home (WFH), mobile work, remote job, and work from anywhere (WFA) is a working model in which employees need not commute to the physical office building or location. The remote work takes place with the collaboration of technologies such as internet access, video or other communication tools, VPN, mobile phones, computers/laptops, and more.


Let’s have a look at how MaSotech helps employers:

  1. Reducing recruitment cost

RPO offers businesses scalability and reduces the recruitment cost that leads to multiplying with each year.

  1. Offering compliance support

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service providers offer compliance support throughout the stages of the process.

  1. Saving time

MaSotech Recruitment (RPO) fulfils all the vacancies on time as they are committed to identifying all the barriers coming through the hiring and saving your time by hiring talents on or before the deadline.

  1. Using state-of-the-art technology

Team working in RPO companies are proficient and expert enough to stay updated with the latest technology such as video conferences, virtual training, time tracker, and many other tools.

  1. Enabling diversity in talents

RPO companies in India provide organizations with diverse talents as they have strong networks with different businesses, colleges, institutions, job portals, etc.


Types of RPO

#1: End-to-End RPO

Includes an end-to-end hiring process from attracting candidates to onboarding.


#2: Project RPO

This is as same as the end-to-end RPO process but on a short-term basis.


#3: Selective RPO

this RPO involves outsourcing a selected or specific function for recruitment.


#4: Recruiter on Demand (ROD)

Employers who seek speed, flexibility, and quality results connect with RPO providers for shorter time projects.


#5: Contingent Recruiter on Demand (ROD)

RPO works as an independent contractor and gets paid only when they successfully fill the position. They work with the internal hiring team of the companies.